Sliding Door Operator

Understanding the necessary components of a sliding door operator is essential to install the shutter door.

The automatic sliding door operator system employs encoded technology that is micro-computer operated. This ensures that the door functions smoothly and quietly.

It has undergone over 2 million cycles of durability testing, making it one of the most dependable systems on the market. This system is intended to endure the rigours of regular use.

Our automatic sliding shutter operator systems may be tailored to the individual needs of the building in question, providing an appropriate solution.

For example, in a department shop or restaurant, our doors may be adjusted to handle a large number of foot traffic, but in a hospital or office setting, we can adapt the doors to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

We also provide specialist automatic sliding doors for retail shops, stations, and airports that are tailored to fit the specific requirements of these settings.

An automated sliding door operator system includes a remote control or function box for simple operation. Normal, Hold Open, Hold Close/Lock, Partial Open, Entry Only, and Exit Only allow you to customize your system’s functionality to meet your individual requirements.

Whether you want more security or just smoother operation.

Essential Features and Functions

Let’s check out some essential features and functions of the slide door operator service

Micro Controller

The micro controller’s high-range AC voltage input feature supports voltages ranging from 80V to 250V. This input supports a wide variety of voltages that may be utilized with the microcontroller.

The safety function will rapidly halt and reverse the door if it encounters resistance while moving. This is to avoid injuries from occurring.

A microcontroller can communicate with a number of control systems, making it a useful tool for a wide range of applications. For example, an electronic lock can restrict entrance to a building or other restricted location.

A safety beam in the door operator sliding is designed to detect intruders or other possible risks. UPS systems can supply backup power in the event of a power loss. Card readers are also used to regulate entry to secure locations and track event attendance.

Warm Gear Motor

The motor module used a metallic degree gear, a brushless motor, and special wiring in the advanced assembly system. The encoder feedback system of the motor was employed to give accurate control and speed regulation. The characteristics include-

  • Precise control
  • Customizable
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Speed Regulation, and
  • Integrated Design

Our gear motor operates at high speeds while staying silent. This helps you to maximize the use of your equipment without bothering people around you in sliding door operator.

Hanger Wheel

Powder metallurgy is the process of compressing and forming metal powder into a particular shape. This technique increases the hanger wheel’s strength and wear resistance, ensuring that it never loses its form.

Furthermore, the hanger wheel includes anti-jump capabilities to keep the door on track when in operation.

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