Automatic Telescopic Doors

Automatic telescopic doors are a great way to keep your customers and employees safe. They work by expanding or contracting to let people through or hold them back, depending on the needs of the moment. Here you will learn about how this technology works and how well it suits your business.

How Automatic Telescopic Doors Work

If you have ever been in a shopping mall or airport where there are automatically used telescopic doors. You have experienced this technology first-hand. These doors open and close with the help of a motor, typically using electromagnets to do so.

The basic principle behind these types of doors is that they use a combination of gravity and air pressure to open and close. When someone steps on the entrance mat, the door begins to rise and closes when they step off. The door stays open as long as there is pressure from the outside air or until it reaches a certain weight limit. Which varies by door type.

There are a few different types of automatic telescopic door designs provided by automatic door stores. Including low-elevation doors that open automatically as people enter a building and high-elevation doors that open only when people approach them from below. Today, most high-rise buildings have retractable swinging doors that open automatically for everyone entering the building, regardless of height.

Some Important Advantages

Automatic telescopic door systems are automated door that opens and closes with the help of a sensor. It’s perfect for businesses, malls, and other large retail spaces where people flow in and out constantly. There are many advantages to having an automatic telescopic door, including:

It’s cost-effective. These are much cheaper to operate than traditional doors, and they require less manpower.

They’re energy efficient. These doors use less energy than traditional doors, so they save on your utility bills.

They’re secure and designed to be extremely secure, which is great for businesses that need to keep their customers safe.

If you’re looking for an automated door that will improve your operations and save you money, an automatic telescopic door is a perfect choice.

Functioning System of Automatic Telescopic Doors

These doors are a type of door that open and close automatically. They are popular in commercial buildings, office complexes, and schools because they save time and energy. Here we describe some of the benefits and they are–

-They are easy to use. Just pull the door open and let it close behind you.

-They reduce traffic congestion. When the door is open, it creates a pathway for people to walk through. When the door closes, it blocks the pathway and prevents people from walking through.

-They are more energy efficient than manual doors. also, use less energy to operate than manually operated doors.

-They are weatherproof. These doors can handle harsh weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

These Doors Are the Type of Doors which Open and Close Automatically

In these doors use a motor to pivot the door to its open position. The door then moves to the closed position by gravity.

They are used in applications where it is not possible or desirable for someone to manually open and close the door.

One common application is in warehouses and other large storage rooms where it is difficult for workers to access the goods inside the room.

They are well used in hotels, airports, and other places where people need access to the inside but want to prevent unauthorised entry.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Automatic Telescopic Door

When considering an automatic telescopic door, it is important to understand the different features and benefits each model offers. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind:

 -Weight Capacity: These doors are typically designed for larger objects and can support a greater weight capacity than manual doors. This is important to consider if you have bulky items that you need to move through the door often.

-Lift Mechanism: They typically have a lift mechanism that will automatically bring the door up to the correct height for your object. This is helpful if you have bulky items that need to be moved through the door frequently.

 -Opening Time: These doors typically have shorter opening times than manual doors. This is beneficial if you frequently need to access your belongings quickly, as manual doors can take longer to open.

There are many different types of automatic telescopic door system available on the market, so it is important to research which one is best suited for your needs.


Automatic telescopic door are a great way to increase the security of your business by providing an additional layer of protection for your customers and employees. When you open or close an automatic telescopic door, it does so using a hydraulic system that moves the door up and down in response to pressure from either the inside or outside. This technology is often used in high-security areas such as banks, government buildings, and hospitals, where the safety of both personnel and customers is vital.