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Automatic Door Company specializes in Automatic Door Repair, offering a comprehensive range of after-sales services. Our expert team provides rapid response to emergency door restoration and tailored maintenance contracts for both automated and manual pedestrian doorways, as well as commercial doors. Our deliberate security programs ensure customer satisfaction and protection against criminal activities.

Automatic Door Store is always ready to give you a quick response to your queries or needs. Auto Door Service by no means closes. We offer a 24-hour seven-day week service a year.

Offering country-wide insurance and neighborhood carrier, our devoted group is there to help you whilst an emergency happens. Subsidized up with full traceability, accountability, and responsibility you could depend on Automatic Door Installation. We are always ready to cooperate with you from the initial inquiry to the end of work.

Our helpdesk is monitored; each name is logged recording the customer’s info, the time of the call, and the character of the hassle. To make certain your call is dealt with effectively, the helpdesk body of workers is fully skilled in setting up what the problem is and could endorse how quickly an engineer can attend.

Reliable Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance Services for Secure Operations

The engineer will attend the website online within the said time. Our well-ready automobiles bring a stock of famous components to make certain a high first-time fix fee for Automatic Door Repair Service. If on occasion, a further visit is required, the engineer at Automatic Door Store will make sure the doorways are left in a secure circumstance and the building is comfortable. Following the call out a report is finished detailing the time spent on-site and the work finished. If similar work is required a comprehensive quotation may be raised within 48 hours. We offer aggressive prices for all name-outs and follow-up work. If the engineer recommends that further Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance Service or Automatic Door Maintenance And Service  is no longer valuable powerful or obsolescence indicates that a brand new operator might be a better choice we can provide a conversion to a brand new automatic operator. Eventually, all doors are asset tagged to make sure up-to-date statistics are saved. You will always be able to contact us.
  • You’ll continually speak to a real individual
  • All info is recorded to make sure we meet our excessive requirements
  • guarantee speedy reaction times
  • We guarantee aggressive quotes
  • We’ve nicely-ready motors stocking famous components
  • Worksheets document time spent on the web page and detail work finished
  • Quotations for similar work are issued within 48 hours
  • Door operator conversions are available if required
  • All doorways tagged for asset management purposes

Packages of Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance Service for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

As greater individuals throughout the United Kingdom are encouraged to apportion blame to receive compensation when something goes incorrect, organizations must ensure that they’ve completed all they can to save you accidents and shield themselves from the event of litigation. A deliberate Preventative renovation program, PPM, can help offer that protection and in the event of a twist of fate can display that each one affordable care has been taken to make certain a door is running effectively and so offer a defense ought to a court case get up. But, that is not the simplest purpose to have a PPM settlement; like several devices, an automated door will simplest carry out its top-rated efficiency if it is maintained often and efficiently. Automatic Door Store ensures that the best requirements of operational performance and protection of all doors whether or not automatic, guide, or industrial are maintained as well as get admission to control structures and windows. We provide service solutions for
  • Automatic sliding, folding, and swing door systems
  • Automatic and guide revolving doors
  • Guide doors
  • Retail shutters
  • Business shutters & overhead sectional doorways
  • Smoke and warmth extraction structures
  • Natural ventilation windows
Each door has specific necessities depending on its type, where its miles are sited, the number of site visitors, and whether or not the site visitors are trained or untrained. So, Automatic Door Store has advanced more than a few carrier programs and will advise the most suitable one for you, taking into account your building and the people that use it.

Quick care

The Quick care of the Automatic Door Store enables automatic wrong reporting and remote access for the driving technology. This means a fast response in one time. At the same time, fewer site visits to deal with faults are needed thanks to the remote access function. with Quick care, customers can save time and money both. Here we describe the benefits of the Quick care of the Automatic Door Store:

Automatic Door Store provides you with service maintenance systems according to the needs of the entrance system.

Automatic Door Store performs confirmation checks, according to the legal requirements, of the operational safety of all security and control systems that are part of the door system.

Information may be monitored across exceptional homes thanks to ongoing notifications of the device’s popularity via the GPRS network.

At the time of the system failure, Automatic Door Store technicians receive a correct description of the error.