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Automatic Door Store is a family-owned and -operated business on the Gold Coast that specializes in the custom construction, installation and maintenance of high-quality Swing Gates in London. Since its founding, our firm has expanded rapidly from its first workshop to larger, more permanent quarters. The quality of our work and our dedication to our customers sets us apart from the rest in the industry.

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Swing Gate Construction & Design

Our building style of swing gates is unparalleled. Both single and double (bi-parting) gates are available.

  • The addition of swing gates to your home and for your commercial space is a terrific way to make a statement, while also providing security for your loved ones and any pets you want to keep in your yard.
  • Gates that swing inward require adequate room on either the inside or the outside to operate well.
  • When the opening is less than five meters wide, such as a pedestrian walkway, a single swing gate is the most cost-effective and convenient option. For your convenience and safety, you may unlock both from the comfort of your own house or car.
  • Swing Gates are similar to standard doors in that they open by pivoting on a fulcrum and swinging open. When opened, most gates have inward-turning doors that need a certain amount of room on the inside.
  • Knowing the size and weight of the gate panel (also called a leaf), the strength of the gate post and leaf, and the swing gate hardware material can help you select the best automation system.
  • Low voltage alimentation, provided by the automations’ typical 230V supply and 24Vdc, ensures risk-free operation.
  • Furthermore, the 24Vdc power supply is suggested when a heavy workload is required, as is frequently the case in commercial and industrial settings.

Types of Automatic Gates

Tracked Sliding / Rolling Gates

When the route is flat, this strategy is ideal. The automatic swing gates glide along a V-track embedded in the road.

Swing Gates

When open, swing gate kits are ideal for use on a sloped road. Attaching them to a preexisting column or post eliminates the requirement for a v-track or concrete foundation. Steel or aluminum is typically used in their construction.

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frequently asked questions

Powder coated aluminum swing gates are low maintenance, long lasting, and resistant to corrosion and decay.

For maximum durability and strength, each of our frames is welded together. To speed up production, some companies employ a ” no-weld” screw together frame technique, however this comes at the sacrifice of durability.

Mains electricity 240V, low voltage, solar power are the main swing gate operators. If there is no nearby electrical outlet, low voltage should be used. If the gate will be more than 30 meters from the nearest power source, solar power is an excellent choice.