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The automated sliding gates made and installed by the automated Door Store are made of steel, wood, and aluminum. In terms of convenience, safety, and access dependability, an automated sliding gate is your best bet. They have automated Electric sliding gates installation and are very low maintenance. Both private residences and public establishments make use of these gates.

The width of these gates is substantial. Automatic sliding gates are a popular choice and for good reason. Sliding gates are convenient for entrances and exit with limited space. These gates are the most secure option available, and their sturdy construction makes them an attractive addition to any entrance. Installing Automatic Sliding Driveway Gates properly necessitates the use of a skilled labor force.

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Why choose a Sliding Gates Installation Service in London?

The perimeters and borders of all buildings, whether residential or commercial, require the installation of security parameters. Fencing and sliding gate hardware provide these defining security zones. The gates to a property are the first and last lines of defense, therefore they need to be well thought out and constructed. Gates enhance the visual attractiveness of a property in addition to increasing its security. A sliding gate with automatic operation is a common fixture in many settings. Reasons why are listed below.

Sliding gate are convenient

It is far more convenient to drive up to an automated gate rather than having to get out in the weather or at night to unlock a manual gate. The gate locks and closes automatically, so there's no need to remember to do it after each use.

Safer options

Security measures such as automatic locks and built-in safety beams are standard on automated gates. Also, because you won't have to get out of your car to open and shut the gates, you won't have to worry as much about being robbed or having your car stolen while you're outside of your vehicle.

Sliding gates last for a long time

These gates are designed and manufactured with the help of cutting-edge machinery. Therefore, they are constructed with longevity and usefulness in mind. Sliding gates are constructed to resist all types of climates.


Sliding gate take up less space

When you install automated sliding gates, you may solve landscaping and parking area capacity issues simultaneously. Since they glide instead of swinging open or closed, they cause no damage to flower beds or driveways. Because a sliding gate opens and closes in such a small footprint, you may put to good use the area immediately adjacent to it. Sliding gates are an excellent choice for smaller homes.

Improve the curb appeal of your home and increase its value

These gates are very modifiable and should be able to meet the needs of most people. The dimensions, materials, and aesthetics of the sliding gate, as well as its functions, driving mechanism, and safety measures, are all up for grabs. They are adaptable to your needs and can improve the outside of your home. If you want to sell your house at some point, its value and desirability will both rise thanks to this addition.

An Automatic Gate Delivers Convenience and Security

The products offered by Automatic Door Store are not limited to gates. If you need assistance deciding which gate option is best for your property, our helpful employees are here to help. If you have any questions about which choice is best for your properties, they have the answers. Sliding gate supplies  stand behind the quality of our gate systems and guarantee your satisfaction by including expert sliding gates installation at no extra cost.

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Systems that are only used seldom (two or three times per day) often only need to be serviced once each year. More heavily trafficked gates should be inspected for wear and tear at least twice a year.

If properly maintained and serviced, a well-designed system should last for 15–20 years at the very least.

Sensors are used in the majority of automated gates. Although these gadgets are usually trustworthy, the sensors on your gate may stop working if they become obstructed or broken. 

Stop, open the gate, drive in, and then close it again before you may proceed. With an automatic gate, you need only push a button to complete the entire procedure. Some gates may even close themselves as soon as a car goes past them.