swing door operator installation

There are multiple variants to choose from when choosing the right swing door operator. Swing door operator installation is essential for managing pedestrian traffic. In this blog, we shall understand how to choose the perfect auto swing operator. So, let’s get going!

Identify the Traffic

Before choosing the door operator, it is important to understand the flow of the pedestrian traffic. Usually, the pedestrian traffic runs as per the following flows.

Concurrent Two-Way

One can term this flow as ‘haphazard flow.’ In such a flow, the movement of pedestrians becomes uncertain. The pedestrians move in opposite directions simultaneously. Such movement is witnessed in a hospital or a shopping mall.


This pedestrian flow is more streamlined. The traffic is more manageable. The swing door operators are generally employed for one-way traffic. The use of dual doors makes the traffic regulated; one door is used as ‘in’ and the other as ‘out.’

Two-Way in Limited Space

The two-way traffic flow in a limited space can be a problem. In such a premise, it is crucial to install the automatic swing operator on a wide opening.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Swing Door Operators

There are a lot of factors to consider before installing the automatic door operators. Let’s see what are some of those.

Works with Every Door Frame

The swing door operator you choose must work with every type of door frame – new or existing door frames. The auto door operator in London must be designed to automate any door frame, be it a double or dual egress doorframe.

Accessibility and accommodation of the door operator make it easy to integrate with any security, activation and control systems.

Energy Efficiency

We all love buying an energy-efficient product. Equipped with adjustable speed variations, the operator must reduce energy consumption and increase investment return. Being energy efficient reduces the depreciation costs as you don’t need to bear replacement costs or, worse, install a new one. So, choose wisely, and live well!

Complying with Government Standards

If the swing door operator installation complies with government standards, you can be assured of the quality. The operator must manufacture in compliance with ADA standards and meet ANSI/BHMA 156.19 standards. Moreover, they must be fire-rated and ULC-approved.

Available Under Best Prices

Choose the best quality operator under the best prices because budget is important. Whatever your budget is, think of choosing the right one under the budget limit. Overspending the budget can hamper the cash flow.

Enabled with Mobile Control

Wouldn’t it be better to control the door using your mobile phone? A reliable auto swing door operator can do that. Think of a scenario where you cannot go by yourself to manage the traffic at your business premises. You can make things easier for you by using mobile-controlled swing door operators.

Requirement of Space

You must ascertain the space and how much you need around your door. When it comes to the design or selection of a door leaf, there must be enough room for the presence sensor and arm system fastening.

Cable and Wiring

A modern, safe, and energy-efficient automated door operator necessitates several cable connections. The conduits must be designed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and must include impulse sensors, such as elbow switches.

Mounting Side

If the architecture of the door environment allows it, a modern auto door operator in London with good performance is positioned on the opening or shutting side of a door. Because the operator is generally not situated outside, the choice of positioning is provided for external doors.

However, there is a choice to be made indoors. Installing the operator on the closing side of the door, also known as the pushing application, provides a solid option.

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