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An automatic sliding gate in London works on a motor controlled by an electronic gadget such as a remote. Automatic doors save time, and again time is money.

Sliding gates in London are a type of gate that opens by sliding back and forth across an opening. Sliding gates are commonly used for commercial and industrial applications where a large and heavy gate is required to prevent unauthorized access. A sliding gate is reliable and can be automated for added security.

Automatic sliding gates London have gained a huge amount of popularity in the last decade. Sliding gates can be used on the sloping driveway, typically up to about a 10% gradient, with a made-to-measure track and gate height level. 

This can also help provide security in exposed positions, i.e., between the garage and boundary wall while ensuring clear access is maintained for large vehicles to enter and park. High-security gates offer a nice visual look as well as security. 

Sliding gates in London require no room inside for the gate to swing. Raingard sliding gates are easy to open, close, and lock without the need to jump in and out of the car. Simply press the button on your remote, and the gate will open.

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Gates London 

Enterprises and retail giants seek to use these gates to provide an extra level of security and automation. As a result of this, there is an increasing demand for this type of automatic sliding gates installation.

Space Optimization:

  • Sliding gates near London increase the use of the available open space, thereby avoiding the need for space clearance.
  • A very suitable option for areas with limited space in cases where getting a swinging gate is not an option.

Wind Resistance:

  • The holding force across the gate will be distributed uniformly, meaning that it can withstand the wind.
  • Minimizes the possibility of damage or displacement due to gusty winds which holds the systems in place and leads to a consistent operation.

Security Enhancement:

  • Serves as a robust safety barrier resisting unauthorized access.
  • Automatic sliding gates London have greatly added to burglary prevention features as intruders find it harder to bypass.

Installation Process

When installing sliding gates near London, one must first select either a top or bottom track mounting. Take off the foil or lining from the frame and finally insert the track into the header and secure it accordingly. Remove the boards that are cut and reinstall them. 

If the edge of the carpet is fraying, fold it into the track. The process involves removing guide pins, positioning gates to tracks, and making height adjustments with screws. Screw in the door stoppers for the positioning of the gates. 

Cut guide pins afterwards when the gates are already installed. Test door movement, and if a change of rollers is needed, do it for the smoothest functioning. 

This is a five-step guide to guarantee an automatic sliding gates London installation that is both functional and attractive in the entire space.

Automatic Sliding Gates Maintenance

Maintenance is considered low profile work and is often overlooked. Most of the time, sliding automatic gates servo and maintenance are often overlooked and taken for granted. A good quality gate can require costly maintenance and repairs. 

There are many different types of automatic sliding gates in London which also means there are many different types of maintenance with each respective design.

Without proper maintenance, an automatic gate can experience many different problems. For example, the basic residential gate should weigh no more than 250-500 pounds depending on the material (aluminium, wood, steel, etc). There are many cases when the automatic gate opener is not strong enough to open the gate because of a broken part.

In conclusion, the maintenance of automatic sliding gates London and gate openers is very important. The amount of money and time it will save you in the long run far surpasses the amount you will spend. 


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