Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors improve accessibility, save energy & enhance the experience. Learn about different types, overhead swing & low-energy! Near Hayes, UK.

Perhaps, one can think of him or herself trying to ride a wheelchair through a crowded airport terminal with people. 

Here are some examples of how these actions can become headaches when encountering standard swing doors. 

Hence, automatic swing doors have proved to be an excellent innovation that has revolutionized how people gain access and exit facilities. 

These are automatic swing door openers or operators and when used, the doors swing open automatically. They come with added advantages that are not limited to convenience only. 

Moreover, the author examines automatic swing doors to understand the role they play in improving accessibility, energy conservation, and experience. 

We will also discuss the various types that are available in the market with a focus on the most common type

This article explains why automatic swing doors are considered useful near Hayes, UK.

Importance Of Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors are very useful in enhancing accessibility and fluidity of movements, especially for the disabled. 

The entrances and exits are wide and accessible, for people with disabilities, who are carrying bags, or those with children. 

Above all, swing doors provide an efficient way of traffic control especially where there is a high traffic turnaround.

Furthermore, they enhance the overall consumer experience, thereby creating a good impression for various companies and organizations.

The Advantages of Automatic Swing Doors

However, there are numerous benefits of automatic swing doors that go beyond comfort. These doors provide a great way of cutting down on energy costs since they minimize air infiltration.

Moreover, sensors on some doors allow them to open only when people are nearby to avoid the flow of air.

Furthermore, they help preserve hygiene by minimizing contact with the door handle thus beneficial in hospitals. 

Additionally, access control systems can be fitted to automatic doors to control the movement of people.

Types of Automatic Swing Doors

  • Overhead Swing Door Operator

In this common type, the automatic swing door is installed in a concealed position above the door.

Moreover, this space-efficient design also allows for easy passage through the doorway and is suitable for areas with narrow walkways.

  • Low-Energy Swing Door Operator 

This option is a choice for the design and style since it looks unique while serving its purpose fully. 

Hence, the designers have fully recessed this particular model of automatic swing door operator into the floor under the door opening.

  • In-Swing vs. Out-Swing

These types of doors are installed to open either to the inside or outside of the building.  In-swing doors are suitable for areas where there is reduced space in front of the door.

  • Automatic Swing Glass Doors

If you want your entrance to look stylish and up-to-date, then the automatic swing glass doors will be just perfect.

Furthermore, these doors are clear and provide a good view, giving the entrance a warm welcome. They use them in popular areas such as office complexes, retail outlets, and high-end hotels.

  • Bi-Swing Doors 

To enable a broader opening, for instance, when using automatic bi-swing doors can be of advantage. 

This configuration is common in places like hospitals to enable easy movement of patients or in warehouse movements.


Automatic swing doors are an essential element of any building.. They are beneficial in the sense that they increase accessibility, encourage energy conservation, and improve the usability of the environment. 

Moreover, it comes in different types such as the automatic swing glass doors and this makes it fit into designs. 

As technology advances each year, we should expect automatic doors to have more features and capabilities.

Hence, it will contribute to the overall functionality of any building and confirm its importance as a key element of design.

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