In this blog, we discuss what is an automatic sliding door operator system and where it can be installed. We also discuss its benefits and when to install it.

Looking for a smart way to enhance your entrance? Want to maintain your aesthetic as well as get a smart door? Try the automatic sliding door operator system.

The world is moving towards automation and so should our doors. Why not try automatic sliding doors for your premises? 

An automatic sliding door operator system is a way to facilitate a large number of people at once. It detects the flow of people by sensing their movement through a radar sensor. It is an investment which companies make to ensure savings. 

An automatic sliding door offers an increase in the safety of the premises and the workers inside the premises. Detection of obstacles by themselves in the doorway helps them in preventing accidents. 

They can be custom-made to maintain your aesthetic. They not only look good but also make your premise look inviting. They also have the social benefit of offering more accessibility to people with disabilities. 

While automatic doors are certainly motion censored operated, they can be manually operated as well. You can choose to have manual switches to control the integration of the doors. They come with both options to give the companies a choice on how to operate them.

Where can you usually find these automatic sliding door operator systems?

  • Hotels entrances
  • Company entrances
  • Cafes 
  • Banks 
  • Malls 
  • Offices 
  • Commonplace building entrances 
  • Universities
  • Libraries 

It is an aesthetically pleasing facade that has many benefits. Say yes to the door and as a result, see your company saving. 

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors in London

The automatic sliding doors have many benefits after installation, which include:

  • Saving money- if you are an organization that is looking into automatic sliding doors then it is a great way of saving costs. You can forego the need for a watchman to open doors for your clients because it is an automated system. It helps in saving money for an additional worker’s salary.
  • Saving energy- it efficiently contributes to energy saving and reducing annual heating and cooling costs. The automatic sliding doors only open when activated and close automatically as well hence eliminating accidentally being left open. This stops the cool or hot air from escaping from the premises and also stops dust from entering inside. 
  • Greater accessibility- Automatic doors do not require you to use your hands to open them. It is a great way of offering more accessibility to people who have baggage in both hands or carrying a carat. 
  • Saves from accidents- Accidents happen when people run into doors. Glass doors always come with a danger of running into them which is why automatic sliding doors are better. These save people from getting into accidents by opening automatically and saving them from hurting themselves.
  • Repair- Automatic sliding door repair is very efficient and budget-friendly. It needs repairing to ensure peak performance to maintain its status as an investment. 
  • Aesthetical purposes- Automatic sliding doors in London are also very aesthetically pleasing. They introduce a factor of curiosity and ease of use which adds to the aesthetic of the company. The option of having them custom-made according to your choice is a plus. 

When to Install an Automatic Sliding Door Operator System?

Though these automatic doors can be installed anywhere you want there are a few occasions which call for their installation:

  • New construction sites- a new building being built from scratch would benefit a lot from these automatic doors. They will add an air of luxury and also make the premises more accessible to people with disabilities 
  • Remodels- when planning a major remodel which will expand your entryway you need to plan to install an automatic sliding door. It will get you extra space with style as well as functionality. 
  • Traffic increase- in case you are expecting an increase in footfall in your building, installing an automatic door is a no-brainer. It will reduce the feelings of overcrowdedness and claustrophobia. Additionally, it will also maintain the temperature inside the premises. 

Hence, an automatic sliding door is a great addition to a premise. It is easy to install in an office, library or even at your home.

Automatic doors have many benefits, as a result of which they are preferred in many sites. You can even ass a card reader, keypad or key chain remote control pushbutton to increase safety with your doors.

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